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About Bearded_vstromrider

With bearded-vstromrider we have a vision. We want to give you personal and honest product reviews for the day-to-day rider. We’re not professional enduro riders, we’re not models…  we are the common rider. And that’s why we want to bring the adventure to you and show that everyone can do it! We seek to inspire and activate everyone to enjoy the world of motorcycle adventure.


The vision began early.

This vision began when I got interrested in riding motorcycles other than just standing in awe about how cool they were. I started searching for what bike and what style of riding I would like to do and how I could do this to the fullest. In no time I found multiple articles about riding. The one thing that annoyed me was that they were all so technical.. Talking about it as if it was an exact science. I decided to just go and do what feels best and follow my own guts. I used the articles and experiences of others as a guide line.

One day I figured I could transfer what I’ve learnt onto the digital paper and supply the (starting) biker with some info about products, tours and experiences. I do this together with my girlfriend Sabrina, who wears and films the things I can’t. Together we strive to take this vision to as many people as we can. That’s why we translate our articles into Dutch and German 🙂


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One of our partners sharing our vision is ALLROADMOTO. Allroadmoto specialized in custom rebuilding adventure motorcycles and provides A-quality gear and equipment! Check out thier website by clicking the logo below:

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The Dutch/Belgium V-strom Group also shares our vision! This is a group of V-strom enthusiasts who organize tours through Holland and Europe. Check out their website.

Check out the V-strom Group!


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