Givi waterproof legbag WP404 review.

Mistakes happen.

Every once in a while we all make these mistakes. buying something without seeing it first. I did that with the GIVI WP404. This is a waterproof legbag. I thought this would be handy to use for my wallet, phone and other stuff I wanted to keep dry. And beeing that it would hang on my leg, it would be easy to acces. So I ordered this pouch online.


First of all it took about two weeks to get here. It was summer so I wouldn’t encounter alot of rain anyway. So that wasn’t such a big problem.  Although it does annoy me that getting a package from Germany to the Netherlands can take that long.

GIVI WP404. Not my thing..

The realization.

Oh no… It doesn’t fit.

How is it possible that a bag doesn’t fit you think? It didn’t fit your suits styling? Nope not that. It didn’t fit the stuff you wanted to put in it? Nope did that perfectly, room to spare even. Then what?

It didn’t fit around my upper leg and my hips. Okey, I’m not a small guy. I enjoy a good beer and a bbq once in a while. But with a hipline of 110cm and upperleg diameter of 58cm I do not see myself as beeing out of the ‘average bike rider’ field. Unless GIVI designed this pouch for all the children that ride adventurebikes 😛

Adapt & overcome.

Stubborn as I am. I chose not to send it back and wait for it another 2 weeks. I adapted the waistband by cutting it of and took alot of trouble painfully threading the velcro adjusters on my bike pants through the loop. (the hard plastic loop was just a tad to small. The leg band I managed to stretch to a length where I was able to clip it closed.

I rode with this through autumn and had a pleasent experience with it keeping my valuables dry. But it kept bugging me because I couldn’t just easily clip it off and had to take it with me every time I went out riding.

Far from ideal.


Don’t get me wrong. I love the GIVI brand and especially their bike parts. I have the Givi Airflow on my bike and I will never ever trade it in. Not in a million years. But this legpouch was quite a let down. So I went on a search if I could find anything that has to do with the sizing of this pouch. And I couldn’t find anything about it. To bad.

GIVI EA109. Not waterproof but it fits!


My search continued on the motorcycle convention called ‘de Motorbeurs’ in Utrecht, Holland. I found another GIVI legpouch which I tried on. And… it fits! I even had some slack to go out and drink more beer and bbq a few more steaks. Sadly I wasn’t able to buy this GIVI EA109 at the convention. So I’m ordering it from Amazon 🙂

Check out the givi EA 109 here.

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