MOTUL chaincleaner & chainlube

Motul chain cleaner and chain lube.

Well, what is there to review about chain cleaner/lube. Aren’t they all the same? Ehhhh, partly yes. Of course, when it lubes your chain and keeps your O/X/Y rings flexible its chain lube. And when it takes off the chain lube plus dirt, its chain cleaner, also the Motul. I’ve tested a two different brands in the stretch of 16.000km. And it varied from awesome to ‘ what the f**k, are you serious?’. So hear me out.

Just a little to concerned.

When I bought my new Suzuki Vstrom DL650A I was so proud! my first bike with 0km! All new and all mine! First thing I did was run to the maintenance section of the bike shop and buy the most expensive chain lube I could find there! Suitable for all the rings I could think of in the chain and awesome hold on the metal. I was happy and bought it. It turned out.. that after 7000km with this lube, the O rings started to come out of my chain. “WTF!” was my first reaction. I thought I bought this super, duper, mega chain lube. So, I bought super, duper, mega chain cleaner to get it all off!

I spoke to my Suzuki dealer and asked him what was wrong. He said that the chain lube I used was to thick and mixed with dirt from the off-road riding made it like a cement and this pushed the O rings out of the chain. So… expensive is not always the best thing to buy.. Who would have figured.

He recommended Motul Chain lube and cleaner for the off-road driving. So I bought a can of each and started the new adventure with these two.

Get the motul stuff here:

Motul website

I used the lube every 500km and cleaned my chain at the 10.000km point again. The lube left all the dirt out and all the O rings in! And the cleaner got the chain clean in no time. I even used it to clean other metal elements of my bike. These other parts had some lube spatters on it and this all went away with the cleaner. I also cleaned my sprockets with it. Awesome piece of maintenance gear!

What do you use to clean your bike?

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