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The Rukka Cal T-shirt

Man, really? Review about a Rukka T-Shirt?


I wore this Rukka T-Shirt the whole summer through all the hot, wet and steamy trips i’ve had. Hundreds of kilometers driven and even a two day trip without a spare shirt.

You think you know how this shirt smells now? Wrong! It smells good. Ofcourse i washed it and i’ve washed it more than once meanwhile… but still no nasty side smells.

Most dry-fit shirts get a smell after a while especially when they just cost 19,95 euro. This one doesn’t. During the whole winter i even used it as a sportshirt. And still no nasty smells stay in it.

During the drive it has kept me cool and the sweat flows quickly and vaporizes quickly. When a little gust of wind manages to get inside your suit, the Rukka cools instantly.

All in all a cheap and perfect underlayer for the day to day rider and tourrider!

I bought mine during a long trip to visit my girlfriend in Ulm, Germany. Loved the riding there but the summer sun was just to hot for me. That’s why I visited the local Detlev Louis in Neu-Ulm for a better under layer.

The nice people at Rukka took notice of this review and sent me a complimentary t-shirt as a thank you. They figured I already had a short-sleve so they sent me the long-sleve version! Perfect for the weather at these times. I also really like this longsleve shirt. It has all the same properties as the short-sleve but has a little more cloth to cover my arms under my suit and make it just that little warmer. Perfect for riding thru spring and autumn time days.

So do you want to check out the Rukka base layers and other cool stuff? Click the Rukka logo below!

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