SENA 20S bluetooth Review


Finally I finished testing the SENA 20S. I had already drove enough SENA kilometers to find out that the SENA is an essential piece of equipment that makes your driving experience just that more cool.
Yet there were a few things that disappoint me though. And I wanted to research them a bit more before posting the review.
For one, I couldn’t figure our how it works to put standard telephonenumbers in the headset which can be called with one hit of a button. All the time I kept calling my one friend while I actually wanted to call my girlfriend.?
So I just stopped trying to get it to work. Do I miss this function? No, not really. 


Because the SENA has a lot more options to play with! Its easily operated by pressing, turning or holding the jog-dial. It’s big enough to operate even with winter gloves on. Its easy to switch from radio to bluetooth to telephone mode. I could talk on the phone while flying over the highway with 130km/h and still be able to hear the conversation and be heard on the other side. I was really surprised with the quality of the sound output and voice input. And it doesn’t weigh down your helmet. Amazing!

First repairs!?

Another tiny thing that bothered me was the fact that my microphone broke after 2 weeks, although I didn’t do anything special with it. It still worked but i had to glue and tape it together during my adventure trip (which had its charms).
But I was pleasantly surprised when I went back to the SENA dealer and found out that SENA supplies the dealers with enough spare parts to replace everything without material costs. It could be that you pay for the work the dealer does but at Hans van Wijk Motoren they don’t charge anything for it. So that was a relief! And I have to say that the microphone held up excellent up till now. ?

The SENA 20S does what it’s supposed to.

The Sena Bluetooth 20S does what it’s supposed to! Communication between drivers is perfect. Even in it’s maximum capacity of users in a comm group it has a clear sound and makes for a good device to chat up your buddy’s.
You can stay in contact for up to 13 hours over a distance of 2.0 km in open terrain. This gets less pretty quick in the hills and when there is a lot of traffic ( especially trucks interfere with the range). But this doesn’t really matter while the SENA 20S picks up the signal automatically when you get back in range.
I went on a trip with two of my buddy’s and we drove a lot of kilometers per day. I always connected my SENA to my telephone via Bluetooth and got to enjoy my music. When my friends decided to talk, the music went to the background and I could understand every word they said clear as day. 

What’s in the box?

The SENA 20S comes with everything you need to install it to your helmet and it fits on most helmet brands on the market. Be sure to check if your helmet is compatible with it though because the SENA 20S sets you back about 230 euro’s for the single pack or 430 euro’s for a dubble pack. I put mine on a Caberg helmet. And one of my friends mounted it on a Nexx helmet. So the range of compatible helmets it huge.
Let the dealer mount it on your helmet. It might cost you a little bit more but it’s worth having this piece of equipment installed correctly
I am really happy with the SENA 20S. It adds a lot of pleasure and comfort to all my trips and day to day driving. It allows you to turn your trip into a true social event.
Decided that you want one? Check it out!

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