Motorcycle trip, the Splügen pass!

Take that motorcycle trip!

We’ve been out in the Alps last september to test out some gear. This didn’t mean it needed to be all work of course. XLMOTO helped us have a little fun also by providing us with the Splügenpass as a sponsored trip within our trip!

They supplied us with the XLmoto Slipstream backpack and let me tell you I like it! It’s a very nicely shaped backpack and it fits perfectly to your back even with a backprotector in your suit. The aerodynamic shape makes it feel like you’re not even wearing a backpack. Want to know more? Just check out XLmoto review here: Click here! Click now!

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XLmoto Slipstream backpack on the back of beardedvstromrider at the Splügenpass motorcycle trip

The Splügenpass

This pass is a international one! Passing from Switzerland into Italy almost exactly halfway. It first snakes its way up  into the Alps and at the top you are met by amazing vista’s and a Scottish Highlands kind of atmosphere. We were there in september and this meant very little tourists and fellow bikers. The temperature on the top of the pass was about 5 degrees Celsius and in the valley with was about 20-25 Celsius. Perfect for a beer at the camp site!

The road was broken up right before we hit the pass what made for a cool little offroad stretch of about 1 kilometer. The road was cut up and there were fist size stones everywhere. No match for the V-strom! After that the broke for the top of the pass. This meant we needed to snake our way up through the hairpin bends. As there was already some snow on our motorcycle trip, we also had some water running down the mountains and gave us a cool refreshing hand wash half way.

Crossing borders.

At one point you transfer from Switzerland into Italy. Because of the EU this goes pretty unnoticed. But when you hit the little village at the end of the pass you are most certainly in Italy. The Carabinieri has their police station there and they will be see to it that you stick to the traffic laws!

Apart from the police, there is also a very cool resevoir lake for the nearby dam. This froms a pretty green waterbody surrounded by goats and meadows. The locals herd their goats and cows up and down the hills to keep everything nice and short and make those billy goats and cow produce milk!

Just go and do the motorcycle trip!

I can certainly recommend this pass to you. So if you can, add it to your motorcycle trip. This is actually pretty easy because the passes in the Alps are pretty close to eachother. If you want any tips and tools about the Alps tours let me know!

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