Bored with your paintjob?

Everything changes.

Seasons change, fashion changes and also your taste changes. Maybe you want another adventure bike or try out another bike class like a naked bike. This can cost you quite a bit of money and returning to your old bike isn’t that easy. Or is an other paintjob the solution?

If you just want another colour on your bike, it’s a lot easier. Just go over to the paint shop and let them sand away at your bike and give it the colour you want. A few hundred euro’s later you have your bike in the paintjob you want!  But again…. turning back to your old colour isn’t cheap.

Ok, so no paintjob?

Still a paintjob but different and more versatile. Plasti-Dip is  a liquid rubber spray which you can apply to your bikes bodywork and make fit your wildest colour schemes. Plasti-Dip is quite easy to smack on your bike and a great thing about it is… IT’S REMOVABLE. Yeah that’s right. If you are bored with your new paintjob you can just peel it off or use a little petroleum to rub it off.

Having this properties it also protects your original paintjob because it covers it up. So if you want to sell your bike and bring it back to the apparel it had. Just peel the Plasti-Dip off. Starting up with your own Plasti-Dip kit could set you back around 250 euro’s in the beginning. This is because they recommend using a special spray gun to apply the Plasti-Dip to the surface you want it on. There is a wide range of these spray guns varying from low tech to high tech setting you back 4.99 euro all the way up to 570 euro. But, like with a lot of things you modify on your bike, choosing the cheapest option is not always the best way. Check out your options on the Plasti-Dip website. Just click the logo at the end of the article.

The kit.

Because we aren’t all graffiti artists or professional painters, you can use all the help you can get. That’s why I sent my bike parts to a buddy of mine to fix it up for me. He used a spray gun too and told me that this is the way to go because you save paint with a spray gun so on the long run it’s a lot cheaper. Also it makes for a better paint distribution on the surface you want to paint which makes a better finish. He recommended the Earlex-Motorspray3000 in case you want to spray more often and maybe make some money spraying other people’s bikes, cars, trailers or mother in law. In case you just want to spray your own bike once in a while he recommended the Wagner W550.   He charged me 200 euro’s for the paintjob. So I also saved 50 euro on account of the fact that starting up by buying a spray gun and all the paint would put me at 250 euro. And I think we all know  someone who knows someone who paints. So if you want to get something painted, ask around.

Click the picture the find a good deal on the Wagner.

My experience.

Overall stil looks good after 2 years.

My buddy hooked me up with a smooth, matt Army Green paintjob. I was sceptical but it holds up pretty good. It’s on there for two years now and survived a lot of punishment. It had to deal with: mud, branches brushing it, my knee’s rubbing it, sunshine, rain, sleet and petrol drops. It took all of this punishment like a champ.  I was too cheap to let my buddy apply a clear coat to it so my knees have rubbed a bit of a black haze onto the side of my tanks paintjob. The petrol does bite into the Plasti-Dip but when you leave it alone and just let it dry out it will be fine. I have to say though… it pays off being extra careful when filling up your bike because the paintjob doesn’t stay just like it was before the spill. Adding a clear coat also helps to reduce the effect of petrol spills.

Black smudge from leather pants.
little drop of petrol.

All in all Plasti-Dip has really surprised me in the quality it has provided. I’m happy with my colour and with the fact that I can change it as often as I want. And I will certainly be doing that!

Check out what you can do with Plasti-Dip. Click the logo:

Plasti-Dip shop.

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