Shoes, not just for girls.

What shoes to wear. Not just a girl-problem.

When you ride a motorcycle you need protection that’s clear. Helmet, jacket, pants, gloves ánd shoes. Choosing the right boots for your trip can sometimes be a big thing. You have to think about where you are driving to and what you are going to do on your trip. If you’re only going to ride your bike the whole trip long then there is no problem, be safe and wear your sturdy motorcycle boots. But most of the time you’re not just riding but also want to walk around a bit in the cities you visit or whatever destination you might have for your trip.

If you want protection this means you often have to throw a set of leisure shoes into your pack. And you have to deal with the fact that you need to leave your motorcycle boots at your bike or cram them somewhere in your luggage carrier. Or do you?

There are loads of boots that can be used as a leisure shoe and motorcycle boot. Touratech even developed a boot with an inner boot you can wear as a leisure shoe. This boot is called the DESTINO. Nothing new but nifty anyway. What do you need to check before you buy such a boot?

Touratech DESTINO

Check the fit:

Like always, check if the boot fits. Make sure it has a snug fit and ‘hugs’ your foot and ankle. Think about if you want a boot or a shoe. Shoes don’t protect your ankle in a crash but boots are more rigid and may not be as comfortable as shoes. Also think about if you want to wear your motorcycle pants over or under your boot. Wearing them under your boot can prevent your pants from catching on obstacles but allows water and dirt to get into the boot via the top.


Check the certification:

How is the boot tested? Always check the label of testing. In Europe this will most likely be the CE label. This will tell you how safe the boot is and how it held up in the shock resistance tests.


Find out what other people think:

Sometimes a boot or shoe looks great. It sits there on the shelf just looking pretty. You try it on and it fits like a glove. Turns out that after three months the seams burst and the Velcro unwinds. This is something you could read online in reviews or customer experiences. Take a few minutes to check the web.


My experience:

When I make a city trip with my bike I use this HELD boot. This is a sturdy leather boot. It has extra protection on the toe for using the gear shifter and it has a zipper to close the shoe. The laces can be used to fine-tune the boot to make a snug and close fit around the ankle.Shoes HELD

The boot is not waterproof but can stand some rain before it gets soaked and leaks thru. Wind doesn’t get to your feet though. The clutch-lever makes a cool black spot on the brown leather which gives the boots a beautiful ‘used’ look.

I also use this boot as a normal shoe without ever touching a motorcycle. Sometimes I am a little ashamed to say that I have days where I don’t touch a motorcycle but the boot is so comfortable you can also wear it without having a particular motorcycle related reason for wearing it.


Want to check out the HELD Cattleman above? click the logo:



Curious about the DESTINO boot from Touratech? Just one click away:

Shoes Touratech
Click the Touratech logo.


  1. When buying boots or shoes for use on your motorbike, it’s also important to check the sole of the boot/shoe:
    The heel of the sole should clearly be elevated from the rest of the sole.

    The rider should position his/her feet on the footpegs with heel just behind the footpeg. Now, when the bike goes over an unexpected bump (or so), there is less chance that the rider’s feet slip off the pegs.

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